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At C1 Spine Lab, we can provide highly accurate and non-invasive treatment for your Whiplash injury in Duluth and related symptoms without pain or discomfort during procedure. Our treatment is simplified with seamless optimization and very safe to perform.

Whiplash injury in Duluth

Are you suffering from Whiplash injury related pain and discomfort after having car accident? The core procedure for each visit will take less than 15 minutes and there will be no limitation in your normal life.

In addition, our treatment is not to cover up your pain for a while or to generate temporarily short living relief but to resolve main cause of symptoms with a unique natural healing process in your neuromuscular system.

Finally, most of our patients (around 90%) at C1 Spine Lab have been able to recognize clear and objective improvement within a month.

Screening Process

Our exceptional quality of treatment and outstanding past progress records became possible due to several uniqueness of our clinic treatment system. One of them is our screening process during initial consultation and examination. You need to be qualified and accepted as our new patient before we implement our treatment program for you.

If you want to know whether our treatment program can be yours or not, please contact us by E-mail or call (770) 545-8150 for our consultation and screening examination scheduling.

Advantage of our Treatment Program

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Our core care, the Atlas Orthogonal treatment, has been approved by the following health regulatory bodies from around the world.FDA approved banner

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