Chiropractic Testimonials

Case of Cervical Disc Herniation

"A few years ago, I herniated a disc in my neck while working out. I suffered from weakness in my left arm, shoulder, and neck. I went to see a neurologist and physical therapist, but it didn't help the pain. Instead I felt like I was wasting my time. As those of you with herniated discs know, in addition to the pain, the stiffness can be unbearable as well.

After a suggestion from my wife, I came to see Dr. Park and discussed a plan forward. From the start, my experience was great. The wait to see Dr. Park was minimal. He was up-front, honest, and explained the importance of the Atlas bone.

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning that the adjustment tool would do anything (by the way, it is completely painless and takes no time at all). However, after my first treatment, I immediately felt a difference. My neck loosened up and the pain subsided. I go once every 2 or 3 months now to have my check ups.

One of the best things about Dr. Park is he is completely honest and will not nickel and dime you. He will not unnecessarily treat you if you don't need it. Anyone with any pain should go and at least talk to Dr. Park and try his treatment. You'll be surprised how much better you feel."

- Freddie Hughes

Case of Cervical Disc Herniation

"I am a Software Engineer and my work pretty much involves sitting in front of a computer. Some time I work 3-hr-stretch to complete my task. I have a chronic neck pain mostly related to this my work habit. The pain was exaggerated by our recent move. I was unable to sleep due to severe sharp pains that I get as soon as I lie down. I was worried that I may have to have surgery of my neck.

My wife is a physician and after discussion, we decided to see a Chiropractor before that. I met Dr. Park as a result of my extensive search. I was very pleased and he has been exceptional in treating my neck pain. He explained everything in great detail up front. Patients like us who are suffering expect results right away because of the great deal of pain.

I remembered one time Dr. Park was saying, “I came to this stage after years of bad posture, couldn’t expect the result right away”. I couldn’t believe my wife also agrees with him. I wanted to quit but my wife wants me to stay. Long story short, finally I am able to sleep through the night without pain. What is more rewarding than that? You need to have patience to let Dr. Park to continue his treatment plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Park for anyone who are in similar situations. I trust him to give the best individualized care. Thank you Dr. Park."

- Niroshena Jayawardena

Case of Disc Herniation and Chronic Migraine

"Dr. Park is a very friendly and passionate person who really cares about his patient's health. For myself as someone with an busy work schedule he was always very accommodating and flexible with appointments. His treatment was strange at start, but only after a few visits my pain in the lower back got better to a point when it was hardly noticeable. Thanks to the treatment also my regular migraine is less frequent and if it happens it is not as painful.

In addition to his adjustments, he applied an electro therapy to my back which helped to relax and ease the spams I had in my muscles. The good thing is that his treatment is not painful whatsoever which is a big plus for those who had bad experiences with other doctors. I therefor strongly recommend C1 Spine lab to everybody who has back pain and headache related to the spine."

- Martin Kunz

Case of Auto Accident  

"At first, I didn't know what the doctor was doing, because his treatment method seemed to be much different than other chiropractors in town. However, one thing I can tell you is that his treatment worked! If you are expecting some sort of adjustments in your joints or massages, this isn't the place for you. Yet, if you are looking for a treatment deep down from the source, Dr. Park can deliver that.

Nice, comfortable, and clean rooms he has in his practice, and the fee is very reasonable. I highly recommend his practice for anyone who suffer from acute to chronic injuries. I had a car accident, and after several visits, my acute and chronic neck pain went away. Great man himself and I thank God for having him around in local. Give him a try."

- Stig Bimm

Case of Auto Accident

"I am an Anesthetist in the Atlanta area, and I had a bad accident with an 18 wheel tractor trailer this past summer. Of all the doctors I have seen, Dr. Park has made the greatest difference in my health. He was recommended by my neurologist who has personally benefited from atlas chiropractic care.

Dr. Park helped me progress from a pain score of 9 to 2.5 within two months. What made me feel comfortable was Dr. Park's extensive training and experience with numerous patients. He was able to tell me what to expect, and I did experience most of those transitional symptoms on my way to recovery.

I now have a much improved range of motion in my neck, and am able to function without my neck brace and remain pain free. I liked the fact that he understood what to find in an accident victim from whiplash to concussion symptoms. I was further pleased to learn that he accepts insurance as this helped me start getting treatment immediately.

I can say that of all the doctors that took care of me, Dr. Park was the most thorough, well informed, and most caring. I realized that he is one of the few true caring medical practitioners left out there.

In addition to being a great clinician, he is also very well educated in his specialty and is able to get better results than another atlas chiropractor that I have been treated by in the past. As a medical professional myself I can honestly say that if you are looking for relief then give Dr. Park a try, because you will not find a better Doctor."

- Seemie Syed

Case of Severe Migraine Headache

"WOW! Dr. Park is a rare find. He is an expert in his field, and he is very honest. For those of you not familiar with Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic, it is a very technical and precise technique involving a gentle percussion instrument that moves the atlas bone back into alignment without any cracking or popping that is usually associated with chiropractic care. It is so gentle that the first time you might think that nothing happened....until your symptoms begin to alleviate!

I've had frequent migraines since I was 18, and it has been almost 2 months since my last one thanks to Dr. Park and Atlas Orthogonal. The migraines aren't the only issue I was having, but it was what motivated me to find out about Atlas Orthogonal in the first place because I couldn't take the pain any longer, and I was tired of taking pills. I've even lost weight because I'm able to be more active due to less pain, and this is just the beginning of my care!

I can't point to a single event that knocked my atlas out of alignment, but between all the fender benders I've been in, poor posture, bad mattresses & pillows, my spine is all out of whack. Dr. Park is safely and gently helping me to get back into proper alignment, and I am so thankful to have found him!

I did a ton of research on Atlas Orthogonal before I selected Dr. Park. I chose him because I had read that he worked directly with the inventor of the AO technique, and because of the information on his website's "About Us" page explaining how he views his craft as an art form. That really hit home for me. He is very focused on his work, yet still very personable. Sometimes you get one or the other, but Dr. Park is an excellent doctor, and very friendly too."

- Tiffany W.

Case of Severe Chronic Headache

"I have been suffering from headaches for over a half year. It would come almost every week, lasting 3-4 days, and it often made me throw up. Sometimes I would have to skip classes because of the pain. I even had a CT scan, but nothing was found. I thought it would never go away.

After searching for different doctors, my bf found Dr. Park's information from a Georgia Tech community website. Dr Park clearly explained what caused the pain, and what would happen during/after treatments. He told me it would slowly go away. For the first few months, I went once a week. I tried to sit properly and manage my stress as Dr. Park advised. Within about 6 sessions, my pain score reduced a lot (maybe from 10 to 5) and it didn't happen as often as it did before. After about 3 months, I barely had headaches. I usually go for a checkup every 2 or 3 months now. I am really glad I visited C1 Spine Lab."

- Jays K.

Case of Chronic Headache

"I’m a currently a high school student attempting to juggle multiple extracurricular activities, academic responsibilities, and out-of-school commitments. Due to this immense stress, I had been experiencing debilitating migraines.

When I first met Dr. Park and C1 Spine Lab, I was experiencing these migraines once a week. However, after just a few months of treatment at C1 Spine Lab, I no longer experience migraines. Not only are my migraines gone, the once-constant tension in my neck and shoulders has subsided significantly. What distinguishes Dr. Park and C1 Spine Lab from other chiropractors and doctors are the quick results, refreshing honesty, and personalized care."

- Margaret Shin

Case of Neck and Shoulder Pain

"I am 67 years old and have been seeing Dr. Park for one month. I have had neck pain and stiffness off and on for the past 10 years and back and shoulder pain off and on for most of my life. I began chiropractic care sometime back in the 90's and now willing to try this specialized type of chiropractic treatment in hopes of getting more healing and lasting results.

The treatments are painless and subtle, yet very precise. Initially, my body experienced some discomfort or pain later in the day, or the following day, that had me wondering if I should continue with these treatments. However, I learned that once the atlas bone is in proper alignment, the rest of the spine will follow suit, which also affects adjoining muscles, ligaments, and such, all having to readjust to the alignment.

When I realized this was just part of the process of realignment, I stopped worrying and only took ibuprofen for muscle spasms a couple of times during the first 2 weeks of treatment.
My neck alignment has improved dramatically as shown from my first xray compared to the second xray only one month later. And I continue to improve. Dr. Park is very dedicated to bringing his patients to a better state of alignment and well­ being. I appreciate his integrity and care."

- Jan Walker

Case of Cervical Kyphosis

"Dr. Park at C1 Spine Lab is fantastic! I have been searching for an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor for quite some time and am certain that I have found the best one. I came in with no pain, but my neck curvature was not correct.

After analyizing my x-rays, Dr. Park figured out a care plan that worked best for me and made sure that I understood everything that would happen and what he planned on doing to help correct my neck curvature. Being under his care for a little over a month, I have already experienced incredible results. I would honestly recommend Dr. Park to anyone who is interested in finding a chiropractor who truly cares about his patients, who understands and is well educated in his profession, and who will allow you to experience real changes in your life through the help of chiropractic!"

- Keyla Santos

Case of TMJ Disorder

"First of all, I would strongly recommend C1 Spine Lab to those that suffer from TMJ disorder. I have been having severe TMJ pain for more than a year. I could not open my mouth wide; I could barely open it up to 3cm. I went to dentist and oral surgeon to cure this symptom, but all the hope I had went in vain. They did not know how to treat TMJ.

I came to Dr. Park on recommendation from my acquaintance. During the first few months with Dr. Park’s treatment, my pain score had gradually reduced to 4 from 8. Now, I can easily open my mouth little more than 5 cm. What a progress. The best thing is that I am now able to open my mouth wide enough to eat food like hamburger! Dr. Park’s treatment not only cured my physical pain on the jaw, but it also healed my psychological pain inside. Dr. Park is very active, passionate and cares about his patient; he understands patient well."

- Yeon P.

Case of TMJ Disorder

"I have been suffering from moderate TMJ for a few years. I have visited three orthodontists and dentists to find a treatment for my worsening condition. They all said my condition will get better over time/there was nothing they could do. I felt like my jaw would never improve; that's when I accidentally stumbled upon C1 Spine Lab.

I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Park - he understood my condition right away and I noticed my condition significantly improving as soon as I started receiving treatments. For me, the results started to show very quickly and I was very content. Dr. Park's treatments are absolutely painless and are not time taking. I'd recommend C1 Spine Lab to everyone!"

- Yejin Heo

Case of TMJ Disorder

"I'm currently a student, and I've had TMJ pain for many years (caused by unknown reasons) since I was very young. I have consulted different doctors about my pain but no one had the right solution for me. I got no relief until I was recommended to go to C1 Spine Lab. I've been attending sessions for a little over a year, and my pain has reduced from about 9 to 0.

Before, my jaws would pop out of place and painfully ache every time I attempted to talk or eat, but now I have no pain, and little to no popping sounds. The pain would be so bad that I would refuse to open my mouth in fear of my jaw completely falling off one day. Now, I can barely remember the previous pain at all."

- Helen Im

Case of Scoliosis and related symptoms

"I am a student and I've had a scoliosis for quite a long time and have suffered back pain as well. I have been to several chiropractics but the only treatment I received was a physical therapy that seemed to relieve pain but lasted for a very short time.

Fortunately, I came across Dr. Park and the treatment he has given me for the last two months has truly changed my life! I most of the time sit in front of the desk to study and in the past, I just could not sit still for more than an hour due to severe back pain. But now, the change I have felt is inexplicable.

I can sit and study for more than at least four to five hours with no back pain at all. I can really feel the difference and improvement in my back strength from the past and I plan to take Dr. Park's treatment steadily. I definitely recommend C1 Spine Lab for people with any kind of spine problems and for those who ARE willing to get better! You will feel the difference."

- Seul Ji Oh

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