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At C1 Spine Lab, we provide Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic care, the top upper-cervical adjustment programs in the chiropractic field. Treatment at our chiropractic clinic in Duluth takes less than 15 minutes, is painless, and free from popping or cracking of any joints. There are zero side effects, drug involvement, or invasive therapies.

The goal of our treatment is to get to the root of your symptoms and not cover up your pain or provide temporary, short-lived relief. We want to help your body heal naturally within your neuromuscular system. Most patients can see and feel an improvement within a month.

Your Visit in Duluth

Healing takes time. Human nature tempts to put off seeking relief for our physical problems, and then makes us impatient for relief. Remember, only a thorough treatment plan can provide lasting relief. There are no shortcuts to good health. Time and professional care are the only answers.

  • Before The First Visit - To start the process, call our office at (770) 545-8150 to find the best time to schedule your first appointment. If you are a new patient, you can complete your initial paperwork in advance by downloading it from our site. Just complete it at your convenience.
  • Day One (expected time - 1 hour) - If you would like to complete the forms in our office, please come least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment, otherwise, remember to bring in your new patient forms. If you have any insurance information or past medical records (copies of x-rays or MRIs), bring those with you as well. During your first visit, Dr. Park will review your pertinent history and perform a physical and chiropractic examination. If you’re accepted as a patient, digital x-rays will be taken in-house and personally analyzed by Dr. Park. Finally, you’ll set up your next appointment for the earliest date possible (preferably one or two days later).
  • Day Two (expected time - 1 hour) - On your second visit, Dr. Park will review his findings and x-ray results with you. He’ll explain the Advanced Atlas Orthogonal procedure and what it will feel like before the first adjustment is made. After the initial treatment, another set of x-rays will be taken and analyzed to see how you have responded to the correction. This allows Dr. Park to check your progress and make modifications if needed.
  • Regular Visits (expected time - 30 min.) - We evaluate your atlas, recheck your symptoms, and see if you have maintained the spinal correction. Dr. Park will determine if you need to have an adjustment. If you do not, then a late  appointment will be made, many times 1-3 months later.

Advantage of our treatment program

Many alternative cares come with opaque goal setting - for example, "someday, somehow you will get better if you trust us..." - and not so sure treatment progress monitoring. We don’t do that.

Our treatment will not work for everyone. This is why we select our patients during consultation and examination screening process. If we accept you as a new patient, we will let you know what you can expect from our treatment program within one month.

If there is any change in the spine, it should be recognizable by a certain analysis method because the spine is a mechanical structure. We represent bio mechanical analysis report before and after the treatment to our new patients.

We provide sophisticated sEMG test and supine leg check monitoring services before and after the adjustment for patient’s family members or friends. We also implemented 100% patient’s opinion based VAS and PDQ scaling monitoring and progress check schedule.

We provide all the above complementary services for our selected patients because the evidence of progress must be visible and trackable by objective methods if we are actually helping symptoms.Chiropractic Duluth GA Benifits of Chiropractic Care


Our core care, the Atlas Orthogonal treatment, has been approved by the following health regulatory bodies from around the world.

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