Our Treatment

Core Concept

treatmentYour spine is your pillar of life. The Atlas bone is at the top of the pillar and therefore the most important link to the rest of your spine. The Atlas is a 2-ounce bone that supports the base of the skull, which weighs 9-17 pounds. The Atlas supports the weight of the head most efficiently in the orthogonal position.

Our treatment is dedicated to correcting the Atlas Subluxation Complex which is a misalignment of the bone structure of the head and neck. This misalignment can block the communication between your brain and entire body causing pain, stress, and tension. This stress and tension can affect all physical and even mental activity of the body. Many symptoms can be relieved by correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

Major Benefits for Patients

The procedure is safe, free from the popping and cracking of any joints, and involves zero side effects, drug involvement, or invasive therapy.

In addition, our treatment is not to cover up your pain for a while or to generate temporaily short living relief but to resolve main cause of symptoms with a unique natural healing process in your neuromusclar system.

Finally, most patients can recognize clear and objective improvement within a month.

Why C1 Spine Lab?

Fantastic benefits of the treatment can be yours only if the following three factors can be covered in your visiting clinic.

First, it requires dedicated X-Ray system with computer based high quality image analysis capabilities. Second, specially customized accurate upper cervical adjustment table that will not generate any possible human errors during procedures must be well maintaned and prepared. Third, doctor's highly trained adjusting skills which can handle less than a degree distortion effectively must be applied during each procedure.

At C1 Spine Lab, we utilize the most advanced and state of the art technologies to give you the best upper cevical specific adjustment possible.

Our digital X-Ray system is equipped with Samsung FRD digital flat panel sensor. Our upper cervical specific adjusting tables and their adjusting head have been examined and maintained in their best condition. Our Laser Guided Head Setting System which is integrated with adjusting table is something you will not find in any other clinic. Unique C1 Vector Tracking System is our own customized database management system that monitors your adjustment vectors and the result of every screening check for each visit.

These special efforts allows our doctor to review your entire adjustment history to ensure you are making the best possible progress.

Finally, our doctor is one of kindest, most passionate doctors you will find and one who has dedicated his entire career to this unique treatment method. If you want to find more about him and his philosopy, please check our About Us page.


Our core care, the Atlas Orthogonal treatment, has been approved by the following health regulatory bodies from around the world.


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