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Dr. Chuel-Hong Park, D.C. is a board-certified Advanced Atlas Orthogonist and Doctor of Chiropractic since 2009. Working in the spirit of Kaizen, he believes in the Japanese philosophy of making continuous improvements for the best. Originally from South Korea and earning his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma.

Additionally, Dr. Park attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic with a focus on Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. He was the only graduate in his class to receive training in five advanced upper-cervical treatment procedures.

Upon graduation from Palmer, Park received his board certification in Atlas Orthogonal after interning under Dr. Roy Sweat, the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

For an additional three years, Park continued to practice at Sweat Institute as the main staff doctor before opening C1 Spine Lab. Dr. Park has served Duluth and the surrounding communities since August 2013.


Our mission is to create harmony and balance for a healthier spine harmed by injury in today’s busy workforce and active lifestyle through honesty and treating patients under the Japanese Kaizen philosophy -- the continuous reach for perfection. 


Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” and the continuous improvement to positively advance EACH time.

The atlas adjustment occurs within a second, and Dr. Park takes knowledge, skill, and experience all in this single moment! With each patient visit, he strives to improve their well being more than the last time. 

Dr. Park has devoted himself to atlas adjustments since 2006. He attended numerous classes and seminars including NUCCA, Blair, Toggle Recoil, Knee Chest, Gonstead for upper cervical adjustments and the Advanced Atlas Orthogonal specialty. Park was an apprentice at Sweat Institute with Dr. Roy Sweat for one year, and further worked with Dr. Sweat for another three years while seeing his own patients. Finally, when he opened his own clinic in Duluth, GA, Park already spent 7 years perfecting his atlas adjustment skills in the spirit of Kaizen.

“There is no shortcut to becoming a real professional in one field.”

– Dr. Chuel-Hong Park, D.C.

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