Top Things You Can Do In Johns Creek To Have Fun In 2018

Weekend getaways add variety and spice to life. Imagine now that you had the opportunity to visit Johns Creek, Georgia. There are many interesting sites and experiences to be had in this town.

The Dengel Household

It was founded on February 28, 2005. It is located at 750 Cirrus Dr Johns Creek, Georgia 30022. One can drive by and check out what a southern home looks like.

Veterans Memorial Walk

There is the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk 3150 Old Alabama Rd Johns Creek, Georgia 30022. To reach by phone, one can call 1 678-512-3200 for all questions. The path is a beautiful reminder that the war is over. It honors veterans on both sides who gave their lives for peace.

The shopping

Shopping in town is great as well. Details Boutique is located at 3000 Old Alabama Rd Johns Creek, Georgia. The family can walk across the street after doing the memorial walk. Here a person can find unique wares with the expert styling of the staff.

Karens Fine Apparel

It is located at 10305 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, Georgia. Karen Bull-Fenner has owned this store for over thirty years. Together with her husband Bobby they create a store filled with treasures. One of the designers they feature is Joseph Ribkoff. Karen has a fine eye for fashion as she graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising and a minor in textiles from the American College of London. She is famous for having worked with Princess Diana, so her store is a must see.

If you are hungry

Check out Abbott's Bar and Grill at 10900 Medlock Bridge Rd, Ste 104, Johns Creek, Georgia. They often feature bands, so check in advance if you want to experience some music along with your dining. Their Facebook page at will show all the latest upcoming events.

For some healthy food

Grab some lunch as Fresh Grill Atl. This happening spot also has live music. They are located at 5725 State Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, Georgia. The food type is Latin and Venezuela food. Also, the prices are affordable, so that is a plus for staying on the healthy side.

If you just must have Italian

Then try Verra-Zanno Pizzeria. Even the name is enough to invoke Italian vibes. They are located at 1600 Medlock Bridge Rd at Johns Creek, Georgia. Be careful when you are ordering though as some people who have tried to customize their pizzas have been denied. The Italians are very particular about exactly what ingredients constitute good cuisine. Many of the patrons say that it is the best pizza and pasta around.

For hotels

The Hyatt and the Hilton are both solid choices. The Hyatt has a great pool so that patrons can enjoy the traditionally hot Southern weather. They also offer world class food. The Hilton also has amazing Southern cuisine with pairings of the best bourbons. In 2013, they installed electric car chargers.

Johns Creek is a wonderful area to explore. People there are friendly and invested in their town and businesses. You will find it a relaxing weekend get away for two or the whole family.