Top Things To Do In Duluth To Have Fun In 2018

Duluth the Ultimate Travel Destination

Duluth is a city in Gwinnett city and has previously been ranked as one of the most affordable suburbs to visit in Georgia. Duluth is a perfect weekend getaway as there are several places to visit and marvel. The town is home to concerts, festivals, and children fun activities. The town's population is culturally diverse, and you will enjoy interacting with the people. Activities to indulge in While in the city include:

Fun and games

Duluth is home to ISimu VR which host several games. If you are looking for a round of fun with family and friends, visit Isimu and enjoy games such as the zombie game and walk the plank. To enjoy mini golf fun, visit the Pirate’s cove and take the young ones to the aquatic center for some slides. The aquatic center also has a warmer indoor pool which is therapeutic and an outdoor arena where every member of the family will enjoy. The cart at K1 speed will give you immerse fun as you race to beat your best time. Enjoy bowling and some sumptuous dinner at Dave and Busters. The Bunten park has an excellent tennis court and if you are looking for a good exercise then visit the park and shed some weight as you play games.

Music Concerts and Theatre

The community holds concerts that include live music at Red clay music foundry. The foundry has a theater, music venue and rooms where you can learn how to play the piano, guitar, and drums. If you are music lover then this is a place to enjoy music, eat some delicious food with family and friends as you listen to acoustics. The Regal Medlock crossing theater showcases the latest movies, and the several restaurants near the theater make it more convenient. Magari theater host live plays with professional players. If you love art, then make your way to the theater.


Nature walk and Dog Watching

The McDaniel farm park which is home to small and big dogs is an enjoyable sight for the kids especially they if they love dogs. Enjoy the serene nature walks as you listen to the history of the house that’s in the compound. Tube Riding and RaftingIf you love heart racing fun, then enjoy the water rafting and tubing in the cold waters of St Louis River. Enjoy the cold drift down the river with your friends and family.

Nature walks and Hiking

The Bunten park has a hiking trail, and it’s the perfect place to for nature trails and walks. The Park also has community rooms, group exercise rooms, and picnic sites. The park is ideal is an ideal play area for kids with spacious sitting zones where you can sit and watch the kids as they enjoy.


The Duluth city has a rich history and if you happen to love hearing how the town came to visit the southeastern railway museum. The southeast museum showcases old buses, taxis and the railway that were previously in use. The children museum is a fun place to nurture the artistic talent in the young ones. Duluth city is a great place to visit and enjoy games, hiking, and museums. The friendly people, the ambiance of the town and easy access make the city the ultimate getaway.