The City of Duluth is a vibrant community located in the county of Gwinnett. Ranked among the Top Ten City for Best American Values by NewsMax, Duluth has a population of 26,600 according to the 2010 US Census Bureau.

If you are in search of a city that truly embodies the “Spirit of Good Living,” then Duluth is your ultimate destination. Here are 7 must see landmarks in Duluth, GA.

Southeastern Railway Museum

If you love trains, then here is a great chance for you to get up close with classic steam locomotives and historic Pullman cars. The museum is located on a 35 acre site and has been in operation since 1970. At the museum, you can ride in restored cabooses pulled by the original diesel locomotives that transported passengers and goods to Key West.

Don’t forget to take pictures on the platform of the private car that was once used by President W. G. Harding. The museum is operated by a community based board and owned by the Atlanta Chapter of the National Railway Historic Society.

Operating hours: 10 AM to 5 PM from Thursday to Saturday all through the year.

Aerial Lift Bridge

Built in 1905, the iconic lift bridge was upgraded in 1930 to ensure it serves the seaport of Duluth. As an engineering marvel, it connects Duluth’s mainland and park point via a narrow opening. The Aerial Lift Bridge can be raised fully in a matter of 3 minutes. As a result, it is able to accommodate cargo ships, sailboats and freighters which use the passage en-route to the harbor. On a beautiful day, the sight is to be hold. At night, it is illuminated by hundreds of LED lights creating a fantastic sight.

McDaniel Farm Park

Located on 134 acres of land, McDaniel farm was restored to portray a 1930’s farm. It features a furnished farmhouse, blacksmith shed, carriage house, tenant house, restrooms, 3 miles of paved and non paved trails.

The paved and non paved trails provide access to the historic part of the farm. McDaniel Farm is a great place to take leisure walks and recreate with your family. It has a dog park for big and small dogs.

Tucked away near Gwinnet Place Mall, the farm can be accessed via 3251 McDaniel Road or 3020 McDaniel Road.

W.P Jones Park

It started out as a train depot in the 1850's before being transformed into 17 acres of forest with a mile long trail that is perfect for cycling, jogging or taking leisure walks. The park is home to an original caboose that provides a glimpse into 19th century engineering.

If you are not into cycling, walking or jogging, you can engage in a game of volleyball or tennis in one of the park’s several courts. Your kids can play at the available playground too. Packed meals and snacks are highly encouraged and they can be consumed at one of the available picnic areas.

To access the park, drive along 3770 Pleasant Hill Rd. Entry is free!

Enger Tower

Enger Tower stands at 80 feet and its built using native blue stones. Around the grounds of the tower, you can stroll through the Japanese gardens. Towering over the skyline of Duluth hilltop area, travelers have the chance of climbing the narrow stairways to the top. This is a vantage point for capturing fantastic and non obstructed photos of the city.

If you love hiking, the tower is close to a super hiking trail where you can enjoy a leisure walk as you take in the sights. For rock climbers, there are short boulders just off the trail that will surely get you going. Don’t forget to check out the Japanese bells.

Canal Park

At the heart of Duluth’s amazing scenery is the Canal Park. Located in downtown Duluth, it is home to Lake Walk, a 7 mile esplanade that is famous for gentle cycling and walking trails. As you take a leisure walk on the available trails, you will come across restaurants, waterfront areas, shops and other beautiful sights. On the eastern end of Lake Walk, you will find Duluth Rose Garden and Leif Erickson Park. Here you can enjoy a view of the harbor and have a picnic at the same time.

Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

Located close to Duluth’s famed Aerial Lift Bridge, the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center is one of the most visited tourist attraction. At the museum, there are exhibits that are a must see. For instance, the center is home to the historic Fresnel Lens. It once illuminated the inner Range Light on the south pier located across the center. Installed in 1901, it benefited from a new phenolic lens in 1905 that was installed by the Coast Guard. The lens is composed of a classic rotating 5th Order Fresnel Lens with 6 flash panels and mechanical clockworks. You can also view the model of North America at the center. Operating hours: 10AM to 4.30 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The center is closed on Monday to Thursday during winter. Entry is free and donations are appreciated.