Duluth is a city located on the northern side of Atlanta Metropolitan area. This city also lies West Central of Gwinnett, and the other side is bounded by Suwanee and Lake Berkeley. This is a city that is regarded as a model city due to it nostalgic history and modern life and the visionary technological developments.

History of Duluth, GA

This great city can be traced back to the 1980's when the city was part of Cherokee Indian Territory, and there were no settlements at all. There was an act that was passed by Georgia general assembly in the year 1818, and Gwinnett County was created, and the ruling government allowed for the settlements. In the subsequent year, a Evan Howell cotton and a merchant farmer from North Carolina settled new river Chattahoochee in 1821.

In 1821 there was just one road known as the Peachtree Road, and the road was created during the war of 1821 to be used in linking Ft. Danie and the fort at Standing Peachtree. The great merchant sort a court order to be allowed to build a new road from river Chattahoochee to cut across the existing Peachtree road in February 1833. This intersection of two roads was known as the Howell’s crossroads until 40 years later when the railroad was built. When the first family settled in Duluth, the population has since grown to a population of 26,000 residents.

The Railroad and New Name

The Crossroads was renamed “Duluth” this is after the Congress funded the north-south railroad in 1871. The city of Minnesota got the railroad but not long before Kentucky Rep. J. Proctor Knott made a mockery speech about the whole project. But when Evan P. Howell, the grandson of Howell was called to make a statement about the railroad he suggested that the name is changed, and this stimulated economic growth of Duluth, and there was a significant change. Due to those changes Duluth host the Southeastern Railway Museum which is a symbol of historical chronicles of state road industry.

In 1870 the first school was built where Monarch school currently is located, but the school which had two rooms was later destroyed by fire in 1925 and was rebuilt in 1926. The first bank in the area was established in 1904 but where Economy Pharmacy is currently located.

Alice H Strickland

She was the first woman mayor of this city and the state of Georgia, and she was elected in 1922. The mayor is remembered for some contributions in the Duluth community one being allowing her home be used as a treatment center for children suffering from tonsils since by then there was no hospital in the area. She is also remembered for spearheading the campaign to conserve public land for recreation purpose. Her home is a historical place now in Duluth know as the Tree city due to the green nature of the place.

The first hospital

It was established in 1943 and was funded by General A. R Glancy, and the hospital was known as Joan Glancy Hospital named after her daughter Joan who was a Duluth, cow farmer.


While Duluth is small town it is known for all the historical and festival events it has grown to be number one city in Georgia due to it rich cultural practice.