Atlanta, Georgia, Gwinnett County is where the suburb of Duluth is located. It has approximately 29,000 people or more. Being a community that is vibrant and enjoys diversity, it is suitable for people to start families, own businesses, live there and pursue their dreams. Duluth, GA captures the essence of great living through with amazing sidewalks and ways for bikes that can reach every area of the town. It is widely recognized for its retro charm with the presence of a vibrant city vibe. The town’s downtown zone is historic for its retro charm, with its focus being the Arena located at Gwinnet Centre, which has become the best entertainment venue in Gwinnet County.


There are so many activities that you can engage in while you vacation in Duluth. These activities make Duluth a great place to visit and due to its proximity to the city of Atlanta, you can still be able to experience the feeling you get when you are in the city. These are some of them.

Celebrations and Festivals

Attend celebrations and festivals such as Duluth Fall Festival, Art Week and musical concerts
Experience fine dining with delights like Chinese food, seafood, a good old-fashioned burger and many other exquisite cuisines in their five star hotels or ordinary steak houses. Get entertained by going to a theatre and watching movies, watch outdoor movies or going to the Arena to watch live hockey and basketball games and their seasonal concerts.
Go shopping for your favorite things either in the market or at the Gwinnet Shopping Mall.

A Top City In America

Being a treasure for American culture and values, Duluth, GA is recognized by magazines like NewsMax, Bloomberg Business week and Movoto as one of the top 10 cities for best American values, one of the best affordable suburbs in America and one of the top ten cities to live in respectively. The weather there is relatively favorable, in January though it is quite unpredictable and you may need to prepare for multiple conditions just to be on the safe side.

Major Attractions

The major tourist attractions in Duluth are the Arena at Gwinnet Center, W. P. Jones Park, and the Southeastern Railway Museum. The Arena is made of an indoor arena, a convention center and a center for performing arts. It is the official home to the Gwinnet Gladiators, a hockey team. The Arena hosts musical powerhouses like Elton John. W.P. Jones Park has been around since the 1800s. It has many courts that you can play tennis and volleyball on and a playground for children. This is a nice place for picnics too with your loved ones. It also has a trail that is a mile long that you can enjoy walking on. The National Railway Historical Society’s Atlanta Chapter runs the Southeastern Railway Museum. They organize tours through their business and passenger coaches and you can see vintage diners and kitchens for the train cars. The museum also has steam locomotives, refrigerator and old freight cars for you to see.

A day well spent in Duluth, GA will leave you feeling good about the place. This is the place to experience American culture in its entirety. Visit Duluth today and experience what it means to be American. See you there!