The Best Parks and Museums located in Duluth, GA

For all those historical love sites then Duluth is the place to be it is a place known as the hub of corporate sports suits and hotel and restaurants opportunities. There are main festival activities, seasonal concerts outdoor movie shows and many other holiday events that you may enjoy as a family is all found in this wonderful city. Newcomers don’t need to worry on how to get firsthand information about this wonderful and loved city there are local art galleries you may also explore the historical past of this great city by visiting the museums, enjoy live music or shop for antiques. Here are a must visit places in Duluth, GA.


This is one of the most significant historical places to visit at this beautiful city; The place is historical as it was the official birthplace of Eli Linson Sanders who was a Confederate soldier. This historic house is located next to Sweetwater cemetery which is also a must visit for people willing to have an enjoyable and a memorable holiday at Duluth.


Are you willing to have the much-needed fun as a family well at Duluth then ice forum is the place to me with your family as you enjoy the ice seen you can also practice skidding and skating this is one of the best game that many love to watch and practice if given time? Here the visitors will also meet professional skaters like NHL's Atlanta Thrashers who come at this historical place occasionally to practice.


For those visiting this great city for historical purpose then this is the place to be, as it is the original dwelling place for the first female mayor in Duluth’s. The House sits on a 3 acres piece of land, and it is built of woods, this place is also remembered in the past has served as the first Duluth hospital. But now this house was converted into a museum which holds a lot of collection of pictures, artifacts, and exhibits.


Those visiting this historical city with their kids then this is a must visit the place it is full of fun and excitement. The whole place here is decorated with pirates themes ranging from pirate ships waterfalls and offers an amazing picture to start your golf skills. This Garden is also famous as one of the best place to hold memorial birthday parties, get-together, and family gatherings due to it attractive landscapes.


This is a place worth your time for all art lovers since the place has the adult and children museum and a fine art center, This place also hosts a gift shop, a gallery, exhibit space and an amazing outdoor garden that covers 28,000 square feet. With the children museum, it is one of the few devoted to offering exclusive and intensive children art thus making the place preferred b many visitors annually.


People willing to know more about Duluth, GA, and its famous historical sites and museum or other attraction sites then taking a Lamplighter Tour would be a wise decision. The tours have been there for over 25 years, and they do so with experienced amiable guides this has also become tourist scene in this city. The tours are organized for schools, families, churches, Business groups, seminars, etc.If you are a visitor and planning the next place to tour then Duluth, GA should be your number one priority a visit to this beautiful city shall be memorable visit.